<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/11/13/96/140109024660.jpg?t=1547730362"><br>***ZONED COMMERCIAL*** This property is a corner lot running street-to-street with frontage on the main business street in downtown located between the pharmacy and a motel. State Route 58 BUSINESS is a (parallel) business route of California State Route 58 in Boron. It provides access to downtown Boron as TWENTY MULE TEAM ROAD. SR58 connects to State Route 14 west of Boron and to US Hwy 395 east of Boron. The BNSF Railway runs through Boron. In Boron, Borax operates the largest open pit mine in California, supplying half of the world's borates. Borax employs around 800 people in Boron.<br>